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$Updated: 2013/07/27$

The Merlin page

The Merlin page is a collection of resources related to nuclear reactor physics, including computer codes Dragon and Donjon.

  1. The Version4 Dragon/Donjon distribution.

    Version4 is a complete and consistent distribution of the legacy Dragon and Donjon codes. This distribution is generally compiled in 32-bit mode.

  2. The Version5 Dragon/Donjon distribution.

    Version5 is a 64-bit clean distribution of the Dragon and Donjon codes.

  3. The PyNjoy 2012 system.

    PyNjoy 2012 is a cross-section library production system build around the Njoy 2012 code from Los Alamos National Laboratory.

  4. The Reactor Physics Archive webpage.

    This page provides a link toward technical reports, student dissertations, computational schemes and sample data files written by graduate students over years.

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