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$Updated: 2013/07/27$

This page provides a link toward computational schemes and sample data files written by graduate students over years. They are given as examples to help producing custom data files. No warranty of any sort is given about their accuracy or correctness. This information is released under the GNU Lesser General Public License.

Student contributions:

Other academic contributions:




  • Version4-related documents:

  • Version5-alpha:

    Version5 alpha is the export of the repository used during the alpha phase of development. It contains a complete 64-bit clean code implementation of the upcoming Version 4.1 distribution build around the Version5 kernel. An example of YACS coupling for SALOME is given starting in ev387. Version5 ev718 also contains the prototype Jargon framework, a Java platform for executing Trivac and Dragon.

  • Version5-related documents:

  • Serpent Monte Carlo calculations:

  • Jargon Version5 project:

    Jargon Version5 is an object-oriented Java framework designed to encapsulate Cle-2000 procedures and DRAGON/DONJON modules into classes. Jargon can be used to perform multi-physics supervision and to design graphical user interfaces.

  • PyNjoy 2012 internal version including additional validation modules:

    This additional modules cepxsr and conver are included to help the validation process of module electr.

  • Brisingr, an implementation of the nodal expansion method build around the Version5 system.

  • V5-PyKit, a collection of APEX and MPO utilities build around the Version5 system.

  • WLUP libraries (WIMSD4 keyword in DRAGON):

  • WIMSE libraries (WIMSE keyword in DRAGON):

  • Special draglib libraries:

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